Developing capacity and fostering collaboration among think tanks

Supported by  Open society Foundations, ,
This project supports On Think Tanks efforts to develop the capacity of future think tank leaders and their institutions

This three-year grant from the Open Society Foundations supports the On Think Tanks programme. It has three main components:

  1. Capacity-strengthening support to organisations in Central Asia and Eastern Europe (November – December 2023)
  2. Building for the Future: This component involves supporting student-led think tanks to develop their organisational capabilities and incorporate the views of non-European experts into European policy research and debate. On Think Tanks offers the student-led think tank a grant to organise a series of multi-regional events on issues of interest to them, participation in the OTT School for Thinktankers, and participation in OTT’s global Conferences. As part of this component, OTT is tracking and encouraging participation of European thinktankers in global and regional events. (August 2023 – December 2026)
  3. A fellowship to further the study and development of the think tank sector. (July 2024 – December 2026)


August 2023 – December 2026


USD 515,000