Saudi Arabia: think tank state of the sector 2023

This report provides an overview of the Saudi Arabian think tank sector, including its history, growth, research focus, funding sources and key functions.

The report is made possible through a partnership with the Centre for Research and Intercommunication Knowledge and the DEVE Initiative.

It examines:

  • Awareness of the sector among the public
  • The sector’s role in driving policy development
  • The impact of Vision 2030 on the political context
  • The sector’s outlook for the future

The Saudi Arabian government formulated Vision 2030, a strategic policy framework, to delineate the country’s future goals. Its aim is the transformation of Saudi Arabia’s oil-based economy, centred around three pillars: an ambitious nation, a thriving economy and a vibrant society.

Our findings suggest that this plan has been instrumental in stimulating the growth and recognition of think tanks in Saudi Arabia. The sector is benefitting from the increased interest in research that the plan has generated and think tanks are uniquely positioned to play an important role in driving the transformations.

The implementation of Vision 2030 therefore presents an opportunity for substantial growth. Saudi thinktankers anticipate that positive political developments and funding initiatives associated with the plan will bolster the sector, enabling its expansion.

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Saudi Arabia: think tank state of the sector 2023 – Arabic Translation