Understanding think tanks

Think tanks are a difficult subject of study. The definition of a think tank is a heavily contested issue and a topic for heated conversations. To understand what they are we must first understand their origins and evolution over time as well as their context and their relationship with it.

There articles offer an insight into think tanks, their relationships with each other and with other actors, and into the very different contexts in which they thrive around the world.

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Crisis Lookout Coalition spring workshop

The Crisis Lookout Coalition came together in 2021 in support of a new, smarter, risk-informed approach to paying for disasters that protects more people caught up in crisis, especially in the lowest-income...

June 1, 2022

Challenges for the activist think tank

By Simon Maxwell

Adapted from Simon Maxwell’s blog. Some think tanks focus exclusively on research and policy engagement. Others describe themselves as ‘change hubs’ opening space for collaborative...

February 14, 2022

School for Thinktankers 2022


The School for Thinktankers 2022 is a three-week programme delivered from 24 January to 11 February. Over the course of these three weeks participants are expected to join the learning space every day from 12:30 GMT...

January 24, 2022
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