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Online Course: How to build a policy influence plan

This is a final call for an Online Course: How to build a policy influence plan, organised by CIPPEC. If you are not a member of the site you might need to sign-up to the EBPDN (but it should be easy):

Are you interested in enhancing the influence of your research in public policies? Have you ever wondered if there are specific methodologies and tools that help policy research institutions prioritize and better focus influence activities so as to move more smartly in complex and changing policy environments?

The project “Spaces for Engagement: Using knowledge to improve pro poor public policy” is a GDNet initiative, implemented in Latin America by CIPPEC will award 12 scholarships to participate in the second edition of the On-line training on “How to build a policy influence plan” to be developed by the beginning of May 2011.

This online course will help participants improve their policy influence planning capacity by providing them with concrete tools to analyze context threats and opportunities, key stakeholders and their power/interests, and define feasible policy influence goals. It also shares lessons learned about innovative and diversified strategies and activities used by researchers and policy research institutions to inform policymaking with the evidence they produce.

With a combination of cutting edge theoretical materials and practical exercises, the course will also seek to facilitate debate and exchange among participants and instructors.

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