Helping to level the field: The Think Tank Hub Geneva

2 December 2015
The Think Tank Hub in Geneva is an initiative by the Swiss foreign policy think tank foraus and the Swiss Government to provide free office and meeting space for think tanks from developing countries. It can go a long way towards helping to level the playing field of international global policy influence.

I came across a great initiative in Geneva: The Think Tank Hubforaus, a Swiss foreign policy think tank, with the support of the Swiss Government, has set up a rather interesting and useful initiative.

We have written before that think tanks in developing countries are disadvantaged when it comes to influencing global policy processes. Often they struggle to meet the high costs involved in participating in international conferences and cannot afford to travel to the global policy hubs of New York, DC, London, Brussels or Geneva.

The Think Tank Hub Geneva offers some help:

The Think Tank-Hub provides six fully equipped working spaces as well as conference facilities free of charge to think tanks from around the world who are, looking for temporary office space in Geneva. The offices are conveniently located in the building of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) in the heart of the UN district. The welcome desk assists guests in finding accommodation in Geneva and provides general support throughout their stay. Depending on the availability of office space, visiting think tanks can schedule a stay lasting up to several weeks and/ or plan tailor-made events.

I visited the offices and can safely recommend them. They are quite comfortable and the spaces for events are rather large and appropriate for hosting public events or workshops.

So far, only a few think tanks from developing countries have taken advantage of this (maybe the next thing the Swiss Government could do is get SWISS to offer free tickets or reduced fares for qualifying think tanks.

If you want to find out more visit the link above or contact:

Think Tank-Hub Geneva
foraus – Swiss Forum on Foreign Policy
Lea Suter, Vice director, Head of Geneva office
Phone: +41 22 908 44 56
[email protected]