Impact Stories for the Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research

Supported by  World Health Organization,

Project brief

To become better informed about its own impact and to be able to communicate that impact to a wider audience, the Alliance commissioned OTT to undertake a small study to capture impact stories from its grantees.

The study includes the following elements:

  • An impact stories framework and template to inform their collection and production.
  • Up to 10 impact stories of about 1000 words, including illustrations – depending on the framework.
    • The stories will be developed with a consideration for gender balance and should cover all relevant WHO regions.
    • The Alliance will help to find initial contacts of people to approach for the various stories after the framework is developed.
  • A synthesis briefing paper that draws lessons across the stories.
  • A single report including all three outputs above.


December 2018 to March 2019


  • Enrique Mendizabal
  • Vera Salazar

Funder and budget

Funding is provided by the World Health Organization

Total budget is USD24,850