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Applied Economics Research Center


Karachi, Pakistan

The Applied Economics Research Centre (AERC), University of Karachi, was established in 1973. The major functions of the Centre are policy oriented Core/Academic Research, Contract Research for clients, post-graduate teaching and providing advisory services to the government. The Centre undertakes research on issues in applied economics with a focus on urban and regional economics, agriculture economics, human resource development,public finance, poverty, health and nutrition, industrial economics, trade, environment and gender issues. Research is based on primary data collection carried out by AERC through surveys and analysis of secondary data from published sources. With subsequent growth of the Centre, its activities have broadened to include advance training of economists from all parts of Pakistan. A major development in this regard was the introduction of its own MAS, MS/ MPhil. leading to a Ph.D. Programme in 1977. Advisory services are provided to the federal, provincial and local governments through participation of AERC staff in Advisory Bodies, Working Groups and Task Forces. The Centre’s research work is disseminated to policy makers and interested audience through its publications. It publishes a Research Report Series, a Discussion Paper Series, and an internationally refereed bi-annual journal, Pakistan Journal of Applied Economics.

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Applied Economics Research,University of Karachi P.O. Box 8403 – 75270 Karachi – Pakistan.Centre (AERC),


Southern Asia

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Applied Economics Research Center
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Applied Economics Research Center
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Applied Economics Research Center
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Applied Economics Research Center

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