Evaluation and landscape scan of the Hewlett Foundation’s Transparency, Participation and Accountability Strategy

Supported by  Hewlett Foundation,

Project brief

OTT will work with an international team to undertake an evaluation and landscape scan of the foundation’s Transparency, Participation and Accountability strategy. The project involves 2 phases:

  • During phase 1 of the strategy refresh process OTT will lead an evaluation and field scan
  • During phase 2, led by Dalberg, OTT will support providing inputs into he strategy refresh.
  • OTT will design and deliver a communications and engagement component that runs alongside both phases 1 and 2.

OTT is partnering with Southern Hemisphere to deliver the evaluation.


June 2020 to March 2021


  • Ajoy Datta
  • Jenny Lah
  • Nana Davies
  • Cathy Chames
  • Fletcher Tembo
  • Julie LaFrance
  • Mark Abrahams
  • Louise Ball
  • Erika Perez Leon

Funder and budget

Funding is provided by the Hewlett Foundation

Total budget is USD 375,000.00 in fees and expenses.

Reports and lessons