Gender data report and blog for Data2X

Supported by  United Nations Foundation, USA,

Project brief

OTT supports the production and dissemination of a research report and blog on lessons learned from gender data advocacy for Data2X, based at the United Nations Foundation. Data2X is preparing for the Generation Equality Forum in 2021 and will be creating an advocacy coalition to promote “calls to action” on gender data. To support this and other advocacy efforts, Data2X commissioned a report on “what works” for gender data advocacy, covering what has been effective to 1) integrate gender considerations into measurement efforts and 2) promote and ensure use of gender data by policy makers. The report is to be disseminated strategically and include recommendations and messages to inform advocates and funders in addition to Data2X.


January to May 2021


  • Jenny Lah
  • Marcela Morales
  • Louise Ball
  • Eva Cardoso

Funder and budget

Funding is provided by United Nations Foundation, USA. OTT Consulting is subcontracted by Jenny Lah

Total budget is USD 10,900 in fees.