Strategy development for Instituti GAP

Supported by  OTT Consulting Projects,

Project brief

OTT Consulting is supporting Instituti GAP, in Kosovo, in developing a new strategy based on a recent organisation-wide evaluation.

The main objectives of OTT Consulting’s intervention in this project is to enable key staff in the GAP Institute to:

  • Reflect on what they do together as a team and how this contributes to what is achieved (or not)
  • Set priorities and lay the foundations for the work of the GAP Institute over the short to medium term through the development of a strategy
  • Reflect on how they are ‘delivering’ or ‘making sense’ of the strategy and make suggestions/recommendations for possible changes

Project dates

From 05/2016 to 08/2018

The OTT Consulting Team

Funder and funding

Funding for the project is provided by the GAP Institute from support it receives from SIDA.

Total budget: GBP6,600

Additional expense related to travel to Prishtina are covered by GAP.