Strategy exploration and design support for the Open Society Foundations

Supported by  Open Society Foundations,

Project brief

OTT Consulting is working with the Economic Justice Program at the Open Society Foundations to support the development of a new strategy.

OTT’s support will help OSF to by providing:

  • Overall process review and advice;
  • Undertaking a values and criteria review;
  • Co-leading internal and external consultation processes;
  • Organising design sprints and scoping design and integration;
  • Generating and integrating insights and data into the planning process;
  • Evaluating and forecasting potential impact; and
  • Providing guidance on MEL framework, grant making criteria, and investment criteria

Project dates

From 12/2019 to 05/2020

The OTT Consulting Team

  • Ajoy Datta
  • Stephen Yeo
  • Jenny Lah
  • Caroline Cassidy
  • Belissa Rojas
  • Melanie Rayment
  • Enrique Mendizabal
  • Leandro Echt
  • Emma Broadbent
  • Hannah Caddick
  • Marcela Morales
  • Others

Funder and funding

Funding for the project is provided by the Open Society Foundations.

Total budget: US$412,601

This includes reimbursables and travel expenses.