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How to break through the glass ceiling: supporting a new generation of think tanks and thinktankers

In this post, part of a series based on interviews and visits in Kenya, I share two possible ways for international funders to support the emergence of new thinktankers and think tanks in developing countries.

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3 more lessons from working with African think tanks

Richard Darlington argues that 4G will usher the future of think tank communications in Africa. It will accelerate the data revolution in Africa and help think tanks tell, and sell, their own stories.

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The On Think Tanks Interview: Cheikh Oumar Ba, Executive Director of the Initiative Prospective Agricole et Rurale (IPAR)

Dr. Cheikh Oumar Ba discusses the current trends, main challenges and prospects of Senegalese policy research. He talks about the role of new thinktankers and funding (and the role of funders) in shaping the future of think tanks.

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The future of think tanks in Africa: Trends to look out for

This is the first of a series of posts on think tanks in Africa -and Kenya in particular. It looks at some trends that may help to understand the future that think tanks face: is the space for debate opening or shrinking? is authority being challenged? are there new players to look out for?

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The On Think Tanks Interview: Donald Abelson, Professor at Western University, specialized in American Politics and US foreign policy

Donald Abelson discusses with Till Bruckner the role of think tanks in democratic societies, such as the US and Canada, taking into account the scope of their influence and the ethical issues surrounding domestic and foreign funding for think tanks.

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The On Think Tanks Interview: Raquel Zelaya Rosales, President of the Board of Directors and former Executive Secretary of ASIES

In this interview, Raquel Zelaya offers a candid look at over 20 years of public life at the helm of one of the leading think tanks in Central America. She talks about the relationship between boards and managers, the importance of diversity and promoting women in think tanks, and how to manage and effective leadership transition.

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How Think Tanks Can Support the Fight Against Corruption

What is the role think tanks can have in the fight against corruption in developing countries? Till Bruckner discusses how think tanks can occupy a space left open by the disconnect between academic thinking, empirical research and aid industry's actions on this subject, giving practical suggestions on how this can be achieved.

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The Think Tanks and University series – Next steps: Jumping the hurdles

On the fifth post from the Think Tanks and University series, Shannon Sutton, editor of the series, explores the challenges that think tanks and universities face when it comes to working together.

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The Prospect 2015 Think Tank Awards: the winners and some reflections

And the winner is... the think tank community in Britain; and the Institute for Fiscal Studies. Prospect Magazine awarded its famous prize last week. Find out who won and why.

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Think tanks and the UK general election: who lost, who won and who decided not to play?

Rowland Manthorpe from Think Tank Review provides an insightful analysis of the different strategies (and impact) of think tanks during the recent British General Election. It is a good companion to this year's Prospect's Think Tank Awards.

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