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What is the upshot from our meditation on context as it relates to think tanks?

This last post on the effect of context on think tanks presents a way forward from the research. Elizabeth Brown offers a framework and a series of questions that think tanks can use to manage key decisions strategically.

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FUSADES and 2012 elections in El Salvador: electoral reforms and promotion of the exercise of suffrage

This post is part of a series on think tanks and elections around the world. FUSADES had a decade of studies and proposals to strengthen the system of representation and the building of a qualified institutional democracy in El Salvador. In 2012, FUSADES designed and implemented a project of civic education and research of the impact of a new electoral reform in order to collaborate in the voting exercise, the understand the new approach and analyse the election results.

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The on think tanks interview: Bill Dugan of WRI

We caught up with the winner of the second round of the On Think Tanks Data Visualisation competition about their inspiration and experience creating the winning piece.

Visualising the Past, Present and Future of Carbon Emissions, an interactive visualisation by Bill Dugan at the World Resources Institute, USA, is an innovative concept that had big impact. We spoke to Bill about his team’s inspiration for the graphic and his advice for anyone else looking to use interactive visuals to tell a story.

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TTDATAVIS how to series: How to… summarise data with Pivot Tables in Excel

In this how to, we will look at how to summarise that data to answer specific questions using the PivotTable utility in Excel.

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The on think tanks interview: Eric Barrett of JumpStart Georgia

We caught up with the winner of the first round of the On Think Tanks Data Visualization competition about their inspiration and experience creating the winning piece. Don’t limit HER possibilities, a static visualization by Eric Barrett at JumpStart Georgia, won round the judges with its original use of photography and creative manner of telling the story about STEM education for girls in Georgia. We wanted to unpack Eric's motivation for the graphic, the origins behind its unusual style and some of the challenges they faced during the process.

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2014–15 #ttdatavis compilation now available

Today, at the Cartagena Data Festival in Colombia, On Think Tanks launched the 2014–15 compilation of the #ttdatavis competition. The compilation, and the competition more widely, aims to inspire think tanks and similar organisations by showcasing real world examples of impactful data visualisation. It also contains useful resources and 'how tos' to support think tanks to develop their own visualisations.

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Context matters: so what?

This fourth post in the series she tries to narrow down the by now universal truism that "context matters". Courtney Tolmie challenges the statement that context matters by asking: so what? What about it is it that matters?

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#TTDATAVIS compilation sneak preview

On Monday, 20 April 2015, we'll be launching the compilation for the 2014–15 On Think Tanks Data Visualisation Competition at the Cartagena Data Festival in Colombia. Here's a sneak preview.

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On Think Tanks is updating its Topic Pages

Topic pages are a useful tool for anyone interested in deepening their understanding of a particular subject this blog has worked on. This week we'll be working on improving and expanding them, as well as keeping thoroughly updated. Expect news from this at the end of next week. Comments, questions and suggestions are welcome.

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Think Tanks and Universities: not just a communications’ partnership

Think tanks and universities can work together to maximise the impact of the latter's research. They may also undertake research together and can provide interesting career paths for their own staff. But think tanks and universities can also come together in a win-win funding for research partnership. This post takes inspiration from IDS' model in the UK to suggest a model of collaboration relevant for some developing countries.

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