Training on research communication for the University Nottingham

Supported by  University of Nottingham,

Project brief

OTT Consulting is supporting two different target audiences at the University of Nottingham: its research beacons and a wider set of researchers and staff who might be interested in improving their research communication skills, and another one, online, for researchers and staff who wish to deepen their knowledge of a range of channels and tools.

  • Training on research communication (face to face)
  • Online training on research communication on 8 different communication tools (from the list):
    • From research finding to recommendation – identifying policy objectives
    • Developing communication strategies
    • Introduction to data visualisation
    • Developing policy briefs
    • Extending reach through social media
    • Finding ways to demonstrate impact for a REF submission – writing case studies (ODI toolkit)
    • How do you track when changes are happening in ‘politics’
    • Presentation design and speaking skills
    • Either podcasting or videos
    • Analytics and iteration – improving communication outputs through testing
  • Online training on strategic policy research, including:
    • Leadership for policy research organisations and programmes?
    • Is your research agenda and portfolio ready for impact?
    • Branding and strategic communications for policy research?
    • How to uphold research excellence while having impact?
    • Policy entrepreneurship: who else do you need besides researchers?

Project dates

From 06/2018 to 06/2019

The OTT Consulting Team

  • Caroline Cassidy
  • Carolina Kern
  • Jeff Knezovich (expert on data visualisation)
  • Enrique Mendizabal (support)

Funder and funding

Funding for the project is provided by the University of Nottingham.

Total budget: GBP20,740

Additional expenses related to travel to Nottingham are covered by theUniversity of Nottingham.

Relevant resources for University of Nottingham participants

Webinar 1 – Developing communication strategies

Webinar 2 – Creating effective data visualisations

Webinar 3 – How to write a policy brief: resources

Webinar 4 – From research findings to recommendations

Webinar 5 – Extending your reach through social media

Webinar 6 – Ways to demonstrate impact for a REF submission

Webinar 7 – Analytics and iteration

Webinar 8 – Presentation design and speaking skills