Understanding think tanks

Think tanks are a difficult subject of study. The definition of a think tank is a heavily contested issue and a topic for heated conversations. To understand what they are we must first understand their origins and evolution over time as well as their context and their relationship with it.

There articles offer an insight into think tanks, their relationships with each other and with other actors, and into the very different contexts in which they thrive around the world.

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2019 Think Tank State of the Sector

By Andrea Baertl

The first think tank state of the sector report, based on analysis of 2019 data of 2,802 active think tanks from the Open Think Tank Directory, provides an overview of the sector and uncovers...

November 26, 2020

Nuevos think tanks peruanos


Como parte de la Semana de la Evidencia 2020, On Think Tanks convoca a 4 nuevos think tanks peruanos para explorar sus modelos, los retos que enfrentaron en su formación y cómo ven el panorama para los think tanks...

November 25, 2020